MBVCA Programs

MBVCA – One day Winter Meditation Retreat: 

Manitoba Buddhist Vihara will be conducting a one-day  meditation retreat on Saturday December 02nd 8am-4pm at 88 Cadboro Road.  This retreat is limited to 25 participants only. 
Kindly note that this sign-up sheet will be closed when 25 participants are signed.  

Weekly Programs: 

Mediation and dhamma talk : Friday 7 PM at temple
Dhamma discussion and mediation (English) : Monday at 7 PM online

Dhamma School Schedule:  

Dhamma School Link

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Get to Know Buddhism

The Buddha had discovered this great wisdom in order to awaken ourselves and to cease all the suffering that cause to the rebirth. In that sense Buddhism can not be interpreted as a religion or a philosophy It is a “way of living of humans.” The highest goal of this practice is “Nibbana” which means liberation from this rebirth cycle. The fundamental teachings to reach the final achievement are the Eight Fold Path, Dependant Origination, Five Aggregates etc. According to the teachings of the Buddha, the perspective of this practice to realize the Four Noble Truth which is the noble truth of suffering, the noble truth of the cause of suffering, the noble truth of cessation of suffering and the noble truth of the path leading to cease suffering.

Having this basic understanding if a person starts with the Right View that is the foundation of the practice. That right view will lead the person to the purification. That purity will establish the humanity such as, loving-friendliness, compassion, altruistism and equanimity within a person. That person will gain calmness, unshakenness, tranquility, serenity and ultimate happiness in this very life within the family, at work, etc. This is called dwelling as a Noble.